Blown Glass Platter Wall Art

Blown Glass Platter Wall Art

Hand Blown Glass Platter Wall Art Sculpture
  • Indiviually hand-blown glass platters of various colors
  • Spiral-shaped metal decoration piece
  • Highly customizable size and colors, please call
  • Handcrafted to order
  • Made in the USA
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This unique wall art sculpture by Suzanne Guttman consists of individual hand-blown fluted glass platters with a spiral-shaped iron decoration piece. The design and size of the final piece are highly customizable.

This sculpture is made to order - glass colors can be selected to match your specifications. Metal decoration piece is optional. Several sizes, configurations and colors available. Please call for details.

Handcrafted in the USA!

94" long x 49" wide

Size, glass colors and hardware finish can be customized to your needs.

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