Create a dramatic focal point in your interior with one of the beautiful wall sculptures shown in our gallery, or allow one of our talented artisans to create a piece in a size and color palette specifically designed for your space.

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Blown Glass Sculpture - Flower Vase

The stunning Blown Glass Vase with Blown Glass Flowers sculpture was originally designed for a private collection. This design includes 10 individual hand-blown blown glass flowers of coordinating colors, the colors of these beautiful flowers include transparent and opaque white, black, clear and transparent and iridescent gold.

Checkmate Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Checkmate glasscape includes the full classic Staunton chess set, executed in kiln-polished art glass, placed into multiple carved ridges of the hardwood base in any combination of your liking. You may find yourself arranging and re-arranging selected pieces from noted endgame moments.

Coral Glass Sculpture

This beautiful glass sculpture portrays a scene from the bottom of a tropical sea. Pieces of coral, seashells and a curious fish are made from fused glass by one of the most prominent glass artists based in the Pacific Northwest.

Dichroic Glass Trout/Salmon

Physically accurate dichroic glass rainbow trout and sockeye salmon enclosed within fused glass. This design is free-hanging and composed of the glass fish, seaweed canes and hanging cables that may be suspended from a window or ceiling.
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4th of July Mainstreet Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

This could be almost anywhere on the Fourth of July. Anywhere, that is, with just enough breeze to lift a flag and at least one trombone to follow the drum major.

Alpine Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Fully re-arrangeable kiln-polished glass forms make up these hills, mountains, forests, and moon. The landscape is illuminated day or night by a light, recessed into the rear of the hardwood base, which reflects off the wall behind.

Blue Regatta Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

The Blue Regatta glasscape is a unique lighting sculpture formed by a combination of hand-shaped, kiln-fired art glass panels arranged in individual grooves of the hardwood base. The artist creates a calculated effect of light reflection on the the dolphin's flanks that resembles the sheen of water.

Bonsai Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Finally a collection of bonsai trees that requires absolutely no maintenance. The Bonsai glasscape consists of art glass made in a variety of forms and kiln-fusing techniques.

Bunny Rumpus Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

The Bunny Rumpus Glasscape features a playful design depicting bunnies at play in the forest. Kiln-fired glass panels are arranged in individual grooves of the hardwood base to form a variety of scenes. Like all glasscapes, this interactive sculpture is illuminated day or night by a light recessed into the back of the hardwood base, reflecting off the wall behind.