Checkmate Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Checkmate Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Checkmate Glasscape Lighting Sculpture
  • Modern design with interchangeable glass chess pieces
  • Unlimited ways of rearranging glass pieces to achieve different looks
  • Kiln-fired glass panels, hardwood base
  • Limited edition of 30
  • Handcrafted in the USA
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Checkmate glasscape includes the full classic Staunton chess set, executed in kiln-polished art glass, placed into multiple carved ridges of the hardwood base in any combination of your liking. You may find yourself arranging and re-arranging selected pieces from noted endgame moments. Use all of the pieces at once, or only a few for a unique look. Like all glasscapes by this artist, Checkmate is illuminated either day or night by a light, recessed into the rear of the hardwood base, which reflects off the wall behind.

For best lighting effect, this glasscape is placed on a shelf or a piece of furniture with a light wall background to reflect the light back onto the glass.

Checkmate is a limited edition of 30

Height: 8.5”
Length: 42”
Depth: 8”

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