Citrine Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Citrine Glasscape Lighting Sculpture

Citrine Glasscape Lighting Sculpture
  • Unique geometric design
  • Unlimited ways of rearranging glass pieces to achieve different looks
  • Kiln-fired glass panels, hardwood base
  • Handcrafted in the USA
Whether you see hoops or harps, rings or just things, the Citrine glasscape offers countless opportunities to create your own designs. 49 pieces of kiln-fired art glass create a unique visual effect. The hardwood base includes individually cut out grooves that allow for unlimited ways of rearranging the glass shapes. See additional images above for some design ideas.

The sculpture is illuminated day or night by a light recessed into the rear of the hardwood base, which is reflected off the wall behind.

** Please note that the price listed pertains to a fixture that will appear very similar to the light shown in the featured photograph and as outlined in the accompanying description. Please call for details.
42" long x 12" high x 8" deep

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