Copper Finish Samples Set of 5

Copper Finish Samples Set of 5

A set of 5 Copper Finish Samples by SoLuna - Matte Copper, Cafe Natural, Dark Smoke, Rio Grande, Polished Copper
  • Five SoLuna copper finishes in one sample package
  • 100% pure, lead-free copper
  • Hand-hammered by SoLuna artisans
  • Size - 4" x 4"
  • May be returned for a full refund or credited towards a purchase of $500 or more - see details in Specifications

Can't decide which copper finish by SoLuna is best for your sink, tub, range hood, light fixture or other Soluna accessory? We now offer a set that includes 5 samples representing each of the beautiful copper finishes you'll find on all of our SoLuna products (besides Polished Copper). See for yourself how our copper finishes will fit in your home!

*Note: The set includes 5 copper samples in each of the finishes listed below. Once you've explored our finish options, you may return the set to us in its original, undamaged condition for a full refund within 30 days, or get the cost of the samples credited towards a purchase of a copper item of $500 or more (see details below in Specifications).

SoLuna offers 5 unique copper finishes:

Polished Copper
Matte Copper
Café Natural
Dark Smoke
Rio Grande

Here are the similarities and differences between the finishes:


  • Matte Copper (tile 2) is raw hammered copper. This finish is just like a newly minted penny—no aging is done in the manufacturing process. Choose Matte Copper for your copper products by SoLuna if you like bright, shiny new copper, or if you enjoy natural finishes throughout your home.


  • Polished Copper (tile 1) patina is our shiniest patina. It is available with our bath and bar sinks, bathtubs, and lighting. The bright copper is polished to a shine and is finished with a glossy lacquer that makes maintenance and cleanup extremely easy.


  • Café Natural (tile 3) was developed to replicate the look of aged copper in a new sink. The overall look of Café Natural is of an even-colored surface without much variation in color. Due to a number of factors during production, the finished copper sink or tub in Café Natural may have color tones varying from brown sugar to mocha to pumpkin pie.


  • Dark Smoke (tile 5) is our most popular SoLuna finish. A relatively uniform patina, Dark Smoke includes black, espresso and dark chocolate brown tones. Sometimes there are also reddish highlights. Dark Smoke is a darker patina than would naturally occur on copper. Overall, the color resembles oil rubbed bronze. Any copper products in Dark Smoke finish are dramatic and eye-catching and fit well in modern or ethnic-style rooms.


  • Rio Grande finish (tile 4) is created through a two-step process. SoLuna first creates the Dark Smoke patina on a copper item, then buffs the patina off the ridges of the hammer marks, leaving the dark color in the low spots. The colors of this finish include black, espresso, dark chocolate and red tones, all highlighted by a pattern of revealed natural copper. Rio is a dark finish, closer in tone to Dark Smoke than to Café Natural.


Regardless of the finish you select, all copper items will develop a 'living finish' patina with time. To slow down this process, we recommend waxing your copper products regularly with Renaissance Wax (see below).

*Please note: Due to the handcrafted manner of production, the copper finish of the SoLuna products you may order later can vary slightly from the look of these copper samples.

4" x 4"

Return Options for the Copper Samples:

1) If the samples are returned in their original, undamaged condition within 30 days of purchase - a $44 refund will be issued by us. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the samples back to us.

2) If a copper item priced at $500 or more is ordered after the purchase of the samples - a credit of $44 towards that order will be issued (no need to return the samples).