Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Dish - Sage

Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Dish - Sage

Surface Cast Iron Casserole Dish - 2 sizes in Sage Green
  • Elegant and versatile
  • Durability in extremely high temperatures
  • Suitable to go from refrigerator to preheated oven without cracking
  • Available individually in 2 sizes, or as a 2-piece set
  • Highly functional cookware with unrivaled quality
  • Enameled, no need to season
  • Two year warranty
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Shown in Sage Green (image 1)

Our Enameled Cast Iron Casserole dish was created by 3-Star Michelin winning chef Sergio Herman, who draws inspiration from busy open kitchens to the tables at which they are going on. These robust cast-iron casserole dishes are designed to have the perfect weight for even distributing of the heat while cooking. The smooth ceramic coating on the bottom provides better protection against hotplates and does not leave scratches. Our Casserole dish is available in two sizes and two colors, as well as in a set of two. See this casserole dish in black HERE.

These cast-iron casserole dishes are made with strong glazing that can withstand the highest temperatures and retain the heat for long periods of time. The handles are made from the same oven-proof cast iron material as the body of each dish, allowing all Surface cookware to go from stovetop to the oven seamlessly. The exterior on the outside is left rough, contrasting the smooth, glazed interior. The black interior glazing is much more durable and stain-resistant then the beige alternatives commonly found in the market making clean up much easier. Our Surface Cast Iron Casserole dishes are perfect for sharing dishes and one-pot cooking.

With design and functionality in focus, our cast iron cookware is made to be easy to use and durable enough to last a lifetime!  Feeling short on space? Our Surface Cookware collection has been streamlined to fit the smallest kitchen without losing any function of a high-end restaurant.

All of our cookware is very easy to care for. Cleaning with mild soap and warm water is all that is required.  Please avoid using steel wool or abrasive cleaners.

Size in MetricUS Sizes
Small - 1.7 Liter Approx. 7.25 cups
Large – 2.6 Liter Approx. 11 cups

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Enamelled cast iron
Suitable for all heat sources:

Size in Metric US Sizes   Width Height Price
Small - 1.7 Liter Approx. 7.25 cups    11.5"   4.25"   $240
Large - 2.6 Liter Approx. 11 cups   12.60"   4.5"   $310
*For a Limited Time: Buy one, receive 10% off additional Surface Cookware products, when ordered together             $490

*Width and Height include handles

Care Instructions :
Wash the casserole dish in warm soapy water and dry it well. The fusion of the glaze with the cast iron prevents rusting, eliminates the need to season the metal, and allows more thorough cleaning. Enameled cast iron is excellent for slow cooking and drawing flavor from foods.

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Great for serving on the table
Finally!  A beautiful cast iron dish that cooks like cast iron should and looks good enough to serve directly on the table.  Gone with the clunky old pans I couldn't bring myself to set in front of my guests.  This line looks really nice and the quality is really good.  The black enamel does make a big difference if you have ever used the ones with the white enamel (stain too easily).  I should have bought the set...
Guest | 1/23/2020 9:08 AM
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Very happy
Very even heat, the food doesn't stick, easy to clean and really great quality.  I like the depth for risottos, certain Italian dishes in tomato sauce and fish dishes.  And love the design and color!
Guest | 1/16/2020 7:35 AM
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10 stars
Heavy cast iron with a black enamel that seems really durable, love the color, shape is much more modern then other cast iron casserole dishes I have seen (and used). Price is reasonable compared to other similar (but uglier) cast iron dishes like this.  I'm a fan!
Guest | 1/15/2020 4:23 PM
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Love It!
I hadn't heard of this brand, but went out on a limb to try this pan.  It is outstanding!  A bit heavy, but that is what makes cast iron so desirable - the "mass" spreads heat evenly and keeps your dish hot.  ...and it looks WAY better then other cast iron cookware that I have seen (and less expensive).
Guest | 10/31/2019 1:16 PM
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