Hand Painted Sink | Platinum Ledges

Hand Painted Sink | Platinum Ledges

Marzi Classic Shape Drop-In Sink with Platinum Ledges
  • Classic shape with flat 3/4" raised rim
  • 5 standard white/off-white color options
  • For drop-in installation
  • Each sink is signed and dated
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for production
  • Made in the USA
SKU: E-79-400

This is an elegant look that would dress up any powder or master bath. This Classic Drop-In Sink has platinum-painted ledges and is offered with 8" or 4" faucet hole spread as well as single hole. 6 standard white/off white colors are available for this model - please see details in Specifications.  Designed for drop-in installation. A flat rim rises 3/4" above the counter surface.

Each Hand Painted Sink - Platinum Ledges is individually handcrafted by second-generation artisans of Marzi family in California.

The hand-painted platinum stripes are available on other sink sizes and shapes. See Additional Info below for options, and call us to discuss your special project. Custom lead time applies to special orders.

To ensure the individuality of this handcrafted sink, Marzi artisans stamp each one of their creations with a 'Made in the USA' stamp and a date. This date is affectionately known as the "born on date". Each sink is also signed in the wet clay with the Marzi name by one of the artisans.

*Please Note: This is a custom made sink. The product shown in the image above is an example of one of the sinks made in this style. Due to the artisan crafted, one-of-a-kind nature of our products, variations will occur in design and coloration.

Outer Dimensions - 24 3/4" L x 16 1/4" W
Inner Dimensions - 20" L x 10 1/2" W
6 1/2" depth

Standard Glaze Colors*:
Cool White (#42)
A standard glossy cool white finish and has a slight blue tint.

Bisque Gloss (#48)
A standard glossy off-white finish comparable and complimentary to Kohler® Biscuit.

Bright White Gloss (code #79)
A glossy opaque finish - the brightest of the Marzi whites, compliments Kohler® White 001.

Off-White Matte / Matte Bisque (#83)
A standard matte off-whit comparable and complimentary to Kohler® Biscuit Satin.

Cool White Matte (#84)
A standard matte cool white comparable and complimentary to Kohler® White Satin.

*Please note that colors will vary slightly depending on individual monitor settings.

Faucet Hole Options:
8" Spread
4" Spread
Single Hole
No Faucet Holes

Made in the USA

This design is available on sinks in other shapes and sizes - see Product Specifications PDF link above for options, call for pricing.

*Please note: This is a custom finished sink with a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

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