Natural Granite Sinks

Monday, November 13, 2023

Natural Granite Sinks


Granite sinks make strong statements in both kitchens and bathrooms. Brawny, earthy and bold, granite sinks are built not only to last but also to impress. From small circular bathroom vessels to large kitchen farmhouse sinks, granite sinks are an extraordinary alternative to traditional wash basins.


Carved Granite Vessel Sink


When many people think of granite sinks, visions of huge farmhouse basins frequently come to mind. While many granite sinks are in fact large, there are also a great number of smaller basins that incorporate the aesthetic strengths of granite into more conservative designs.  Hand-sculpted from a solid piece of granite, this small round sink measures roughly 17" x 5" and is ideal for bathrooms. Although the finish is smooth, the earthy characteristics of the granite are still very apparent and give the sink an overall rustic feel. What's more, the sink is designed for vessel mount, which allows for a beautiful display.


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