Original Cherry Wood Lazy Spoon

Original Cherry Wood Lazy Spoon

Original Cherry Wood Lazy Spoon
  • Fully handcrafted
  • Rests easily on the edge of any pot or pan
  • Made from durable cherry wood
  • 12" long
  • Made in Pennsylvania, USA
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The utilitarian design of this this Original Lazy Spoon® is a useful addition to any busy kitchen. The notched handle can be placed on the edge of your pot or pan, which eliminates the need for a spoonrest. Food drippings stay in the pan, and the handle stays cool. The Lazy Spoon® technology has been used with permission by Rachael Ray in her own line of porducts.

Cherry is a durable and strong hardwood with attractive color and grain pattern. These pieces have a hand-sanded finish that reveals the warm color of natural wood.

This line of unique handcrafted kitchen utensils includes a variety of spoons, spatulas, tongs, shaghetti forks, etc. The artist crafts each piece individually in his studio in Pennsylvania.

Care Tips:
Scrub these wooden spoons with a Scotchbrite® pad using soap and warm water. For best results, occasionally rub the surface of your spoons with coconut oil using a paper towel or cloth. Do not put in dishwasher.
12" long

Natural cherry wood

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