Teak Cutting Board Oil

Teak Cutting Board Oil

Protective Oil for Teak Cutting Boards
  • Specially formulated for use with teak wood cutting boards
  • Colorless, odorless mineral oil formula
  • Suitable for surfaces used for food
  • 12 fl oz
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Extend the life of your teak wood cutting board or butcher's block with this Teak Cutting Board Oil! Apply a thin layer of this mineral oil onto the surface of your brand-new teak wood kitchen products, and repeat once a month to guard their surface from germs, mold growth, etc.

To Use:

Before the initial use of your teak cutting board, warm up a small amount of oil and apply 4-5 coats onto the surface of your teak board with a soft cloth. Allow the oil to soak in before applying the next coat. Let your board rest for 4-6 hours, and wipe off the excess oil that did not soak in. For best results, apply a coat of seasoning treatment on a regular basis.

12 fl oz

Colorless, odorless mineral oil specially formulated for teak wood surfaces.

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